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Global Design, Engineering and Construction Specialists
We are ready to provide with various services in building your own facilities in a tailored manner.

“To contribute to society by passing on the best works to future generations.” …and the commitment to quality that our philosophy represents is something we will never change. We intend to take the long view - building not only for the present generation, but for generations yet to come.

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TAKENAKA Worldwide

We have long operated our businesses overseas.
Since our advance to the U.S.A. in 1960, we have expanded our businesses worldwide.
Through our global business network connecting Europe, Southeast Asia, USA, China and India, we support our customers’ businesses worldwide.

Takenaka Hungary Branch is seeking for Candidates for Budapest office and construction sites in Hungary.

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How can you apply for the jobs?

You can apply for our open positions with Hungarian and English Motivation Letter and CV.
Please summarize why you want to join us and what your professional goals are.
In case of relevant applications we invite you for an interview in our Budapest office,
where we will introduce you our company and your future tasks.