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When it comes to global payroll, we do it all. We provide our clients with a level of commitment and excellence that leads the payroll industry. Celergo has built core expertise in managing some of the most complicated payrolls, in the most complex business environments around the world.

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Our experienced, multilingual staff are dedicated to delivering high-quality service from four Global Service Centers of Excellence in Chicago, Bogota, Budapest and Singapore covering all time zones. In Budapest we focus on the EMEA region but you can expect to deal with clients and partners from the US to Australia. We are located in the city centre with easy access - plus a nice view of the Danube.

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We are careful about our selection. First, because our Client Account Managers are the face of Celergo. They manage the daily tasks with our clients and partners, and directly influence their opinion about our service. Second, because our team is our greatest asset and we would like to keep the friendly, supportive atmosphere that makes us enjoy coming to work.

Kiválasztási folyamatunk

This means that we take 5 steps to ensure that you will fit both our team and our clients but this does not mean that it will go on for long. We make decisions quickly and inform you in time so that you can also take the next action. 

Step 1: Spotless CV
After we receive your English CV, we review it to make sure that you are excellent with details, with the language and that you worked with clients before. 

Step 2: Motivation
Our colleague will call you at a prescheduled time to talk to you about your motivation, your biggest achievements. The discussion is in English to ensure you will be able to work with the language every day. 

Step 3: Test from home 
We work with emails and numbers every day. Therefore we will ask you to show off your written communication skills, and we will also test your numerical aptitude. This is done at a set time, but from the comfort of your home. 

Step 4: Personal interview 
We invite you to meet our line managers who supervise Client Account Managers. You will meet at least two of them who will talk to you about your job experience, the lessons you learnt, the skills you have accumulated. This is also your chance to ask these experts about the job, what you can expect and how it is done the best. 

Step 5: Offer
If we have seen that you would shine in our team, we will send you an offer with the details of your salary and starting date. 

This can all happen within a week depending on our mutual availability - we don't like you to wait long for us.

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Client Account Manager 1-3 év tapasztalatot igénylő3-5 év tapasztalatot igénylő magyarangol
Implementation Project Leader 3-5 év tapasztalatot igénylő5 évnél több tapasztalatot igénylő magyarangol
Implementation Consultant 1-3 év tapasztalatot igénylő3-5 év tapasztalatot igénylő magyarangol