Bio-Rad Magyarország Kft. 2018 Ősz

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"Simply put, Bio-Rad’s Mission is to advance discovery and improve lives”

Norman Schwartz, President and CEO.

At Bio-Rad we are a global team of innovators, leaders, creators, builders, and problem solvers. We develop state-of-the-art instruments and reagents for life science research laboratories and healthcare facilities all over the world. Our main focus is centered firmly on the success of our customers, and we consider their goals our goals.

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Budapest, Hungary

The Budapest Office is one of the Customer Support Hubs of Bio-Rad. We work in a modern open office in the heart of the Capital City.

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To start your application, please visit our career-site, where you can see all of our open position!

Usually we need two round of interview, but we always try to be efficient and fast.