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"Simply put, Bio-Rad’s Mission is to advance discovery and improve lives”

Norman Schwartz, President and CEO.

At Bio-Rad we are a global team of innovators, leaders, creators, builders, and problem solvers. We develop state-of-the-art instruments and reagents for life science research laboratories and healthcare facilities all over the world. Our main focus is centered firmly on the success of our customers, and we consider their goals our goals.

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Budapest, Hungary

The Budapest Office is one of the Customer Support Hubs of Bio-Rad. We work in a modern open office in the heart of the Capital City.

Kiválasztási folyamatunk

To start your application, please visit our career-site, where you can see all of our open position!

Usually we need two round of interview, but we always try to be efficient and fast.

Aktivitások a helyszínen

At our stand you will have the opportunity to attend a test interview and a short feed-back discussion in case you would like to do so, to be able to improve your interviewing skills. You will also have the chance to participate in a "mini-coaching" session, where we can support you to understand and overcome any issues or difficulties you may have.

Te vagy a mi emberünk, ha...

We are looking for open minded Candidates, who speak fluent English, and at least one more European language, and are ready to gain and develop knowledge within our company. If you want to be part of a global multinational company which mission is to make human life longer and healthier, and you would like to work with innovative solutions within an international, but family sized office do not hesitate to visit our stand!

Kollégáink a helyszínen

  • Szabolcs Katalin HR CEE
  • Faragó András HR Intern
  • Team Leaders

Kollégáink a helyszínen

Szabolcs Katalin

HR CEE Mivel kapcsolatban kereshetsz?

I am happy to support you with any open position, organization, compensation, carrier development, training related questions with regards the Hungarian Bio-Rad office. In case you would like to try the mini coaching, I will do it for you.

Faragó András

HR Intern Mivel kapcsolatban kereshetsz?

I can help you in our recruitment process related questions, I will be the interviewer in the test interview.

Team Leaders

Mivel kapcsolatban kereshetsz?

Most of Our Team Leaders will be at the Job fair, in daily rotation, so if You have any professional questions, You can discuss it with Them.

Aktuális állásajánlatok
Financial Assistant 0-1 év tapasztalatot igénylő magyarangol
Customer Service Representative (Order Management) 0-1 év tapasztalatot igénylő1-3 év tapasztalatot igénylő magyarangolfranciacsehlengyel
Customer Service Representative (fixed-term, one year) 0-1 év tapasztalatot igénylő1-3 év tapasztalatot igénylő magyarangolcsehlengyel
Master Data Specialist 1-3 év tapasztalatot igénylő magyarangolfranciaholland
Master Data Specialist (fixed-term, one year) 1-3 év tapasztalatot igénylő magyarangolcsehlengyel
Service Administrator (fixed-term, one year) 0-1 év tapasztalatot igénylő magyarangol
Senior Accountant (fixed-term, one year) 1-3 év tapasztalatot igénylő magyarangol