door2solution software GmbH 2017 Ősz

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  • Technikumi / középiskolai szakképesítéssel végezhetőDiákmunka3-5 év tapasztalatot igénylő
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Mivel foglalkozunk?

We create premium software solutions for technical eCommerce, augmented reality and virtual reality applications. Our customers are machinery and vehicle companies located in Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK and Austria. We work with Apache, Tomcat, Java, webGL, webVR, HTML5, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL. See examples right here: or

Hol dolgozunk?

We work in a nice office at the 7th floor with view over Vienna in the 19th district. 
We establish a branch in Budapest right now.

Kiválasztási folyamatunk

We are looking for IT professionals with different skills and different areas, e.g. a full stack Java developer, or a frontend developer or a 3D artist. 
We are hireing for long term, we have good customer relations and we need acurate, high motivated people. 
You should have a formal education on informatics, e.g. university of school with informatics background.
Your language skill must be fluent English, we apreciate if you also speak German.