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Morgan Stanley opened its first office in Budapest in 2005 and established the Mathematical Modeling Centre to provide quantitative analysis to support the Firm's global fixed income trading business. In 2006, based on the excellent Hungarian higher education and the good quality professional local talent, the Firm furthered its presence in the region by opening the Business Services and Technology Centre in Budapest.

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Morgan Stanley looks for candidates from various subject disciplines, who have strong interest in technology, mathematics, business, finance or other related sciences. Candidates don`t need experience in the financial services sector to apply.

We seek creative, well-rounded, outgoing and self-motivated individuals. You need to have the ability to learn quickly, strong quantitative and analytical skills a desire to thrive in a dynamic environment.

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Apply Online
Should you wish to apply to one of our internship, graduate or experienced opoortunities, you must apply online.

First-round interviews
All candidates undergo first-round interviews, which can be over the phone or in an online test format.

Assessment Centres
Candidates invited to final rounds of our selection process will participate in an Assessment Centre.

What can I expect?
Assessment Centres usually last a day (or a half day) and typically comprise some or all of the following: group exercises and interviews. They are designed to provide a range of opportunities for you to demonstrate your capabilities and for us to evaluate you. Each method will provide further information to our recruiters to enable them to have a clear picture of your suitability for the role you have chosen.

Typical competencies that are assessed during an Assessment Centre include: problem-solving, analytical skills, communication, teamwork, influencing skills and motivation.

During the course of the Assessment Centre, there will be plenty of opportunity to meet employees from Morgan Stanley, find out more about the role and what it is like to work at the Firm.