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Oracle is the world's most complete and integrated business SW&HW systems company.

Work at Oracle is not all about technology. It is also about finding IT solution for the customers' needs: sales, complex project and implementation management, support and many others.

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Budapest, Lechner Odon Fasor

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As simple as possible!

Kiválasztási folyamatunk

As we want the candidate experience to be as positive as possible, we try to make the interviewing process short, clear and keep all our candidates informed during the whole recruitment process. Every candidate knows his/her dedicated recruiter that can be contacted anytime and in any case of question or concern. 
The typical recruitment/interviewing process starts with a phone interview with recruiter. Second step is position depending. In case of technical positions there might be a technical check in place. In case of position, where languages are what matters, language check will be required. Both cases are done via phone as well. Third and usually the last step is a face to face interview with your potential manager. If you pass that one, you are almost there (here?)! An additional face to face interview is closing the whole process and you should have a final feedback soon!