Procter&Gamble RSC Kft. 2020 Tavasz

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A Procter&Gamble a világ egyik legnagyobb és legsikeresebb fogyasztási cikkek gyártásával és forgalmazásával foglalkozó nemzetközi nagyvállalat, amely 182 éves múltra tekint vissza. Olyan neves márkák tartoznak hozzánk mint például Always, Oral-B, Pantene, Pampers, OldSpice, Ariel, Braun, Lenor.

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Budapest Office - Corvin-negyed 
Csömör - Gyöngyös - gyár

Kiválasztási folyamatunk

We look for the best talent to join us at P&G, so our hiring process is thorough and purposeful. It ensures that we recruit the right people, and that you have a complete understanding of who we are, what we do, and what we expect from you. Our process is designed to ensure that we are the right culture fit for you and your desired career path.

Kiválasztási folyamatunk

This is the first step in the process, and gives you an opportunity to tell us all about yourself.
Our assessments are unique to P&G and helps us determine if P&G is a good fit for you.
Learn More Assessment
P&G uses online assessments to measure skills and abilities that generally do not emerge from interviews. These assessments are critical, as they help determine your potential for success as a P&G employee. After you submit your application you may be directed to take one of our online assessments.
You may be asked to take many different types of selection assessments. Different types of roles may require different types and combinations of our assessments. The position to which you apply will determine the assessment that you must take. So to facilitate your candidacy it is important that you move forward to take any online assessments that is presented to you. Many of these assessments are very difficult and will require substantial, sustained concentration. Please ensure you take them seriously as they directly impact your candidacy standing. If you see a completion message after clicking the assessment link, then there is no need to take the assessment as you may have completed as part of another application.

At this stage, we'd like to get to know you better and give you a chance to ask us questions.
Learn More interviews
We use a combination of behavioral-based and situational interviews to get to know you-the real you. What makes you tick? What have you accomplished so far? To do this, we'll ask questions about previous accomplishments or how you would handle situations in the future. We are looking to see how you relate to, compare with, and connect with our PEAK Performance Factors. This is also your opportunity to find out about us. We believe two-way communication starts from Day 1, so ask away.

In addition to more behavioral-based and situational interviews, we'll go into greater detail around your skills, capabilities, experience level, and fit for the role. You can expect to have one-on-one interviews or a panel interview, usually with two or three interviewers, which may be conducted online, via phone, or in person. This is also an opportunity to get a more in-depth understanding of our unique culture, values, and endless opportunities. Based on the requirements of the role, you may also be asked some additional questions specific to the type of work you may be doing in your first role at P&G.
Congratulations! We look forward to welcoming you to P&G.