Systemax Business Services Kft. 2017 Tavasz

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  • AngolNémetFranciaOlaszSpanyol

Mivel foglalkozunk?

Systemax Business Services is the business support center of the Systemax Group and supports the operation of 6 Western-European countries. We are supporting both external and internal customers, offering end-to-end services, which makes us unique among other SSC companies. In addition to the conventional SSC tasks, Systemax Business Services has many operations such as Sales, Marketing, Digital Operations and Business Intelligence.

Hol dolgozunk?

Our Budapest office is located in the Corvin Promenade, and we have commercial branches in the UK, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Italy and Spain.

Kiválasztási folyamatunk

Our recruitment philosophy is simple: we are looking to find the next best point in your career. In the recruitment process you will have the opportunity to meet HR, as well as the professional supervisors so that you build good understanding of the company and the details of the position. We want you to leave the interview with a clear picture about us. During the selection process you will receive continuous feedback from the Recruitment Team.