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Mivel foglalkozunk?

Aon is the leading global provider of risk management, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, and HR solutions with more than 50,000 colleagues worldwide. The Retirement Solution line helps clients mitigate retirement plan risks with accurate and cost effective actuarial services. Our team in Budapest supports the retirement business in all major European countries and we are involved in global business lines as well beyond the retirement practice.

Hol dolgozunk?

Aon, being a big international company, has colleagues all over the world, in more than 120 countries. Our Budapest team has daily co-operation with a number of European countries, such as Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, UK, France, and many more.

Kiválasztási folyamatunk

Send your application today! We are looking forward to meeting you on one of our upcoming assessment days!

Kiválasztási folyamatunk

Once you send your English CV, we start processing your application. As a first step, you will be contacted by our HR team for a short phone interview – this is an informal chat to find out more about you and your motivation. 

After this round you will be invited to our office for an Assessment Centre which is a half-day program for more applicants. As part of this day, you will fill in some relevant tests (numerical, logical, excel) and will have a personal interview with some of our colleagues who work on the same field that you are applying for.

The most important tips we can give:
We all remember how it feels to be on the applicant side of the interview. We are quite a relaxed bunch of people, so there is no reason to be nervous. So come relaxed and make the most out of the day!
When coming to meet us, please take your time to ask as many questions as possible. We are trying to get to know You but it is also the aim that you learn a lot about us and about the work itself, so that you have an idea what exactly you would need to do when you come to work on your first day.

Regardless of the result of the Assessment Centre, our HR team will get back to you to discuss how it went, so you will get feedback from us soon after the interview day.