e-Reg system

Collect applicants’ data with only some clicks!

The HVG Job Fair is the only large-scale job fair where visitors register online and have the possibility of uploading their CVs before visiting the fair.

What is e-Reg?

  • With the help of the e-Reg system you can access and later on download the applicant’s files (all the data and CVs they have provided during the registration process) by scanning the barcode on their folder.
  • We provide a laptop with internet access and a hand-held barcode scanner to all our partners and also provide information about the usage of the system personally.


3+1 reasons for using this system:

  1. There is no subsequent administration, CV scanning, further costs.
  2. The applicants are available immediately and in a structured way.
  3. By using the evaluating function you already ‘pre-screen’ the applicants, thus the selection process could be faster and more effective.
    + 1: The digital data can directly be imported into the company’s own database.

By processing the data you may even start contacting the most promising applicants immediately!