EK Design/Segula Technologies 2020 Spring

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  • Technician / Skilled Labour opportunityStudent jobsPositions requiring 0-1 year of experienceJunior positions (max. 1 year of experience)Positions requiring experience (1-7 years of experience)Positions for senior professionals (more than 7 years of experience)
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  • Family-friendly workplaceLGBTQ-friendly workplaceHome office opportunity

What we do?

SEGULA Technologies is an engineering group with global presence, active in the industrial sectors: automotive, aerospace & defence, energy, rail, naval, pharmaceutical and oil & gas. Operating in more than 30 countries, with its 140 offices worldwide, the group fosters a close relationship with its customers thanks to the expertise of its 13,000 employees. We conduct projects, ranging from studies to industrialisation and production.

Where we work?

SEGULA Technologies is a global company active in Europe (Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Romania), Asia (China, India, Israel, Russia), America (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, United States), Africa (Congo, Gabon, Morocco, Tunisia) and Oceania (Australia). In Hungary, the company is located in Budapest, in Austria, we are present in Vienna, Steyr and Graz.

Our process of selection

After receiving your CV we will contact you via mail about your prefered location and your agreement to our data protection agreement. If you are proceeding to the next round, there is a phone interview and a following personal interview. If you are in the final round for the position of a mechanical engineer, we may conduct a 2 hour CAD testing to evaluate your level of expertise.