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What we do?

Your career is a journey of discovery, one that epunkt joins you on. New career paths can take courage. Our recruiters meet you as partners to accompany you, step by step, to the job you desire. We are the Austrian market leader in recruitment and offer career advice and assistance.
epunkt has been connecting the best candidates with its clients’ most attractive skilled and management-level positions since the turn of the century.

Where we work?

Offices are located in Linz, Vienna, Salzburg, and Munich. Talentor International, an epunkt subsidiary, has a global reach for international projects.

Our process of selection

Why choose epunkt?
Because we believe there is a role for each person that fills her or his life with meaning and joy.

Our process of selection

  1. Register
    If you do not have a profile at epunkt yet, your first step is registration (www.epunkt.com/nc/registrieren). 
    The more complete your profile, the better. 100% is not necessary, though. While you’re at it, sign up for the job newsletter to get new jobs delivered straight to your inbox.

  2. Apply or get asked
    You can find current job offers on our website and apply with one click. Your application goes straight to the right recruiting partner, who will get in touch with you. Furthermore, we’ll get in touch with you when we have a suitable position. Instead of a flood of indiscriminate jobs, epunkt only offers those that are a good match.

  3. Conversation at epunkt
    We conduct structured interviews in a relaxed atmosphere in our offices. If you find the position appealing, we forward your documents to our client.

  4. The second round
    The second round is conducated at your potential employer (our client) at their offices. We are happy to help you prepare for the interview with additional information.

  5. Accept the job offer and hit the ground running
    If the position is a match for both of you, we congratulate you and hope the next placement is a long way off. You can deactivate your profile at any time if you are no longer looking for a new job and reactivate it when you are ready for change.