Allianz Technology 2020 Spring

  • IT
  • Positions requiring 0-1 year of experienceJunior positions (max. 1 year of experience)Positions requiring experience (1-7 years of experience)Positions for senior professionals (more than 7 years of experience)
  • English
  • Accessible workplace

What we do?

Allianz Technology Hungary currently has more than 120 employees and we have two divisions in Budapest. One of them deals with server and network operations, server virtualization, so the infrastructure side of the IT sector. The other deals with business intelligence and big data related projects.

Where we work?

Main office: 1087 Budapest, Könyves Kálmán körút 48-52.

Occasional travel possibility to Germany, France.

Our process of selection

Interested in a position? We have an easy recruitment process!

1. Send CV to 
2. First round interview - technical
3. Second round interview - soft skills with management

If we are both interested:
4. Send offer
5. Sign employment contract