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Hungary’s most significant career event takes place twice a year (in spring and autumn) welcoming everyone interested in career building.

Is this for me?

Hungary’s leading companies, foreign and educational businesses are welcoming university students, first-time employees, recent and experienced graduates at the career days.

We are mainly expecting

  • IT specialists/computer engineers,
  • engineers,
  • economists from HR, sales and marketing fields,
  • financial experts
  • and those who would like to use their language knowledge in their work to participate in the event.

Furthermore, we also have numerous job opportunities for those who have technical and information technology qualifications or are graduating now in these fields.

Taking part in the event is FREE, you only need to register!

If you have already registered for one of our previous events, you can sign in with your previously given e-mail address and password and update your profile. (In case you do not remember your password, use the password-reminder function.)



How can you participate (and enter) smoothly and successfully? Here’s how:

  • Arrive well in time! We’re open from 9:30. 
  • Look for the colour-coded gates; choose according to your field. (The labels will be in Hungarian.)
  • Have your barcode you received at registration ready. (You may print it out or show it on your smartphone.)

DON’T FORGET! You can only check-in at the colour-coded gates if you register beforehand. 

Register NOW=>

You’ll be able to orientate easily with the help of posters and maps of the stands.

e-Reg (electronic registration system)

By using the electronic registration system you can apply for jobs easier and faster. The system is really practical since it significantly shortens the application process. Based on your registration, you’ll get a barcode on the back of your colour-coded folder at the entrance. By scanning your barcode, the exhibitors will be able to download all your data into their databases.  

IMPORTANT! Have some printed-out, paper based CVs with you. Although the majority of the exhibitors use the e-Reg system, it may not be available everywhere. 

DON’T FORGET! If you would like to apply for jobs electronically, you have to register and upload your CV to your profile. (Don’t worry! Only those exhibitors will see your CV, where you apply electronically.) I’ve already registered, I’d like to upload =>

CV photoshoot

While looking for a job, your CV is your business card! Your photo is an essential part of your application so it’s worth having a good-quality photo in it. Would you like a picture taken by a professional photographer? Look for the Jobline stand (C1)!


At the JobFair always have some printed-out, paper based CVs with you. If you upload your CV on registration, you can print at 20% discount using the e-Reg at the venue at Copy General.

What do you need to do?

  • Register for the HVG JobFair,
  • Upload your CV to your profile,
  • Visit the JobFair,
  • Print out some copies of your CV at the venue at a discount,
  • Apply for jobs at your chosen companies.

Day Care 

You don’t need to skip this event just because you can’t find anyone to take care of your children. Bring your baby with you and look for the Day Care next to the Consultancy Corner, where professional babysitters look after your child and play with them while you’re taking part in the programmes and are after opportunities at your potential employers.