About the event

Our main goal at HVG Job Fair is to create a shared platform for employers and job-seekers to get to know each other. By organizing different programmes, we would also like to support the career-building of those who are not looking for a job at the moment. 

Our two-day event can boast with almost 10,000 visitors, many of whom are secondary school or university students, but there are numerous young graduates and experienced employees as well. 

If you are interested in more information about our visitors, read the statistics of our previous events:

2019 Autumn Job Fair: results
2019 Spring Job Fair: results

How do we help you connecting visitors?

In order to help our exhibitors and visitors find each other as easily and effectively as possible, we use the following colour code system on our website and at our events: 

Orange: economics, finance
Yellow: sales, marketing
Grey: engineering and technology
Blue: information technology
Green: SSC, jobs requiring foreign language skills
White: other areas

These colour codes, as well as level of experience, foreign language skills and location are displayed the same way:

  • on our website,
  • in our newsletter,
  • in Career Compass,
  • on the access gates,
  • on the folders,
  • and on the stand signs.

These are the platforms that make the preparation and orientation of job-seekers easier.

How can your participation at HVG Job Fair be really successful? 

Our partners receive a customized package, so participating in HVG Job Fair is not limited to having a stand. The customized services of the event make it significantly easier to reach and attract employees relevant to your company. 

Learn more about our services here. 

For more information, please, ask your contact person so that we can start working together.